Pulselocker Pulselocker

Music Streaming for DJs

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Serato DJ, Dex, rekordbox, and more

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Pulselocker fits your DJ setup

Pulselocker brings music streaming to the tools DJs use.

  • All the music you can play for a flat monthly fee.

  • Integrates directly into DJ mixing applications.

  • Music of major, independent and underground labels.

  • DJ your music offline.

  • 36 genres with hand-picked releases.

  • Available on any desktop browser.

Integrated into DJ software

Access the entire Pulselocker catalog and your playlists from directly within Serato DJ, DEX3, red mobile, and future.dj pro. Take your music offline and play sets without an internet connection.

Upcoming Integrations

Browse the Pulselocker catalog and access your playlists from directly within DJ applications.